Five Days in Wyoming

I worked in the casino industry for eight years. Most of my "vacations" were to places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, for "research." My wife said "anywhere but Vegas" for our vacation. A Google search of "most beautiful lakes" led us to Jenny Lake... And five days in Wyoming.

We got lost, because I'm terrible at reading trail maps. But we eventually found Inspiration Point at Jenny Lake.

Every time we looked up, we were reminded of how spectacular the Grand Tetons are.

Don't mind us, we'll gladly step to the side. No, please. After you, we insist.

After a 15 mile hike the day before, we willingly welcomed a 2.5 hour lazy float down the Snake River.

"Sunsets in Wyoming get old after a while."

-no one ever

Jackson Lake

String Lake

Blue Star Spring

We skipped the benches and the crowds, watching Old Faithful do its thing from the back side.

This little fella decided not to walk with his buddies. Instead, he led a procession of 80 cars.

Lower Falls Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

View from Gibbon Falls

Rock Springs Loop

This beautiful mommy took her adorable kid out for an early afternoon stroll and snack.

Wyoming, you were certainly "anything but Vegas," and for that we thank you. #jennylake #stringlake #jacksonlake #grandtetons #yellowstone #oldfaithful #rockspringsloop #snakeriver #grandcanyonofyellowstone #deer #moose #wyoming Albert Liu Twitter: albertliu71 Instagram: albertliu71

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  • doobie240

    Nice work bro, great app for short stories/traveling. See you Sept 3rd

  • ygershel

    Great trip!! 💕


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