a dance with the honey bees

their flight is a dance, their voice is vibrant, they are hard workers, skilled in the art of good taste, they are gourmand and love flowers, they are team players, they are the best example of girl power, they vouch for an intact natural environment. i spent a morning with the honeybees.

the hives have different colors so the bees can find the right home more easily

we visited the apiary of Borgoluce farm, and our guide was Andrea Paternoster, skilful beekeeper whose love for his work these animals is so pure and powerful you can’t help but be enchanted.

yes, he wasn't wearing protective gear. we were.

“a beekeeper is the translator of the insects’ language”, he told us, “he is a bee shepherd who follows the flowers blooming instead of the grass seasons”

before opening the beehive, you need to use smoke to calm the bees down.


the beekeeper follows a particular flowering, and once the swarm has started collecting the nectar from one kind of flower, it is faithful to it. the nectar is like the price that the flowers pay to the bees, for the labour of the pollination, and a thank you for their loyalty.

to make 1 kilo of honey, 6 million of flowers are needed. 6 million of small touches on the petals, 6 million of small touches

these pics were taken on film at Borgoluce farm, northeast Italy. find out more at www.borgoluce.it read the whole story on www.idiaridellalambretta.com

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  • CarolynHimes

    Beautiful story!

  • Beth_Photos

    I loved how you drew me in with your words

  • mrsfitz

    We have a beehive and the bees are so amazing! It's so cool opening up the hive and checking on them. They provide so many benefits. Dandelions are the first flower of spring to feed the bees in many areas; and yet, so many people see dandelions as weeds.


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