the first crumble of the season

Late August and blackberries begin their siren call; their purple glossiness promising crumble and jam for tea.

We wandered across the common and down well trodden paths to find our treasure.

Still early in the season we were careful to pick just enough for a crumble - we will be back for jam! Back home we wandered into the garden for rosy apples, hard and cool in our hands.

Sugar, butter. and flour, the simplest ingredients combine in mouthwatering deliciousness .

The house is filled with the sweet smell of fruit and sugar. Our mouths are filled with anticipation and we wait impatiently . Once out of the oven we top it with ice cream and delight in the hot cold contrasts in our mouths. The first crumble is as good as we remembered . It will not be the last.

The First Crumble By aquietcorner #stellerstories #food #autumn

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