"one of a pair of things intended to compliment or match each other."


We rescued HER

She arrived with Golden Eyes

and ELEGANT Legs

There are moments we question is she Hound or Hare?

She possesses a S W E E T DISPOSITION.

and She is always available for LATE NIGHT CHATS

She sleeps like a B E A U T Y

She is a bit of a D A Y D R E A M E R.

She is positively the best C U D D L I E R.

and she seems quite fond of M U S I C.

We sometimes wonder about Her Triangle Face.

At times She seems very R E G A L.

She maintains Engaging Friendships.

She adores Her T R E A T S.

She is always available for a Walk.

and She understands the Art of RELAXING.

She is an Excellent Passenger!

and She is the Conductor of Seeds!

She guards the laundry.

And she has a MARVELous Shadow!

Everyday is an adventure and with Hobbes now it is so much more fun!

#stellerpets #animalkingdom

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