Plant Scherer

Lake Juliette, Georgia

These are my images of the Robert W Scherer Power Plant taken from the banks of Lake Juliette just north of Macon, Ga.

The plant is coal fired and has four units producing 880 megawatts each.

The coal comes from Wyoming in trains up to 135 cars long. Two to five trains a day are unloaded.

Plant Scherer is the #1 emitter of Greenhouse Gas in the U.S. Emitting 20 million tons a year.

The plant is under investigation for coal ash pond leaching as well as water and air pollution.

It's surrounded by Lake Juliette and the Rum Creek Wildlife Management Area

There are ways to make energy production more efficient and cleaner. There are technologies that make coal burning cleaner and more efficient. It's easy to look at large corporations and power plants like this one and say that they are the problem. But...the problem is really us. The users. The ones who demand all that electricity. The first, best, and maybe only way to reduce pollution created by energy production is to reduce our consumption of that energy.

Thanks for taking a look. - JD Davis Instagram: jddavis_photo #georgia #energy #environment #conservation #night #stellerstories #steller #outdoors #lake #electricity #pollution

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