Jonathan's summertime affair with yummy s'mores.

Summer as a kid always brought great memories of friends and far and away places. Summer would have never been complete without a yummy sugary s'more. As my son demonstrates, you must first become one with your marshmallow, making sure it is ready to join its brothers the ever yummy graham cracker and sweet chocolate.

First you listen to your marshmallow

Second you let it rest..according to my son it prepares it for the meeting.

Third you think happy thoughts, you want your marshmallow to be happy

Me: Have you ever seen a happy marshmallow? Jonathan: Yes. Me: Where did you see a happy marshmallow? Jonathan: In my mouth. Me: That explains it.

Fourth step, wait there isn't a fourth step.....

The glorious s'more!!

From the looks of it, it is a very yummy s'more

Yup, that's s happy marshmallow.

Now to burn off all that sugar!

Disclaimer: These yummy s'mores where made possible by Jonathan's godfather Hector, while attending the Uncle Scott's pool on a hot summer day.

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