Recently went on a lovely little trip down the east coast. It started in Boston, and went all the way down to Philadelphia (with a quick stop to NYC of course). It was so much fun to be with some friends that I hadn't been with since last year.

I arrived in Boston for a few days of sightseeing

We went all through out Boston in two days: the Harbor, the Commons, Quincy Market, and Sommerville.

Got some killer donuts at Union Square Donuts

Went across the street to Bloc 11 Cafe

Around the corner to Loyal Supply Co.

And down a few blocks to Ricky's Flower Market

I even got to meet up with a friend from home.

Welcome to NYC

We woke up at the ripe hour of 4:30 to begin our journey to Manhattan

We first frolicked on the High Line

Then enjoyed some art (and great views) at the Whitney

it's a freaking Basquait (!!!)

Sauntered down to Soho to enjoy lunch at Jack's Wife Freda

And grabbed some more coffee at Saturday's (we were all real tired)

But my FAVORITE part of the whole day was going to look at the wonder that is The Apartment

NYC is just all sorts of wonderful and treated us well that day

Whilst in Philly, we went to the beautiful Longwood Gardens and spent the whole day wandering through

It was a great way to end my summer, and was easily the highlight of it all!

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