Seeing Jades & blues

Kayaking Lake Jocassee

National Geographic rated Lake Jocassee as one of the "50 last greatest places on earth"

It's easy to see why. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Jocassee is a hidden gem in Upstate South Carolina.

The lake's natural blues and jades made every inch breath taking. It almost didn't feel real

And when the sun hits just right, you can see to the bottom

Meet Kyle

My love, my other half and adventure partner for over 2.5 years. One of his secret talents is stone skipping. On this day, I only captured a 9 skipper

Stone skipping 101: Me on the other hand, I can't skip a stone to save my life.

Lake Jocassee is filled with waterfalls, gorges, and other wonders. The lake is so big that 5 hours of kayaking won't get you to any of those sites. So Stay tuned for my next adventure to Jocassee.

"The mountains are calling and I must go"


Until next time. #stelleradventure #lakelife #explore

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