Queensland's Fraser Coast

Fraser Island, Part 1

Fraser Island is a world heritage-listed island about halfway up the east coast of Australia. It is also the largest sand island in the world and forms a large part of the Great Sandy National Park. "Fraser" is accessible via ferry from Inskip Point or River Heads on the Australian mainland and driving on Fraser is permitted though restricted to 4WDs only (including 4WD buses!).


The dingoes of Fraser Island are the only remaining 'pure bred' dingoes left in Australia as many of the dingoes on the mainland have interbred with domestic dogs.

Rainforests that grow in sand!

75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is the 'main road' on Fraser's east coast. It is an actual gazetted road which is signposted with varying speed limits!

Stained red sand on the 'beach highway' (read on for how they are stained!)

Fun fact: 75 Mile Beach also doubles as a runway for light aircraft!

Maheno Wreck

The SS Maheno was built in the very early 20th Century as an ocean liner. She was converted to a hospital ship for use during WWI, including the ANZAC campaign in Gallipoli.

The coloured sands occur when oxides leach out of each grain of sand. This spot is, obviously, very popular with tourists!

Looking down from Indian Head

The view from Indian Head is panoramic, breathtaking and not to be missed!

Our trip to Fraser Island was a 1-day tour with Unique Fraser. They were amazing tour guides and I would absolutely go with them again. The other half of the day tour will be posted in the next few days. #visitfrasercoast #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia You can find me on Instagram: @shotsbysez

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