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Why put up food you might ask? I guess my response would be: "Why wouldn't you?!" If you've never eaten home canned jams, salsas or pickles haven't really lived. This Summer I've lost myself in canning & preserving. I guess it's been my way to connect back to happier times as a child, when life was a bit slower, and as a kid I marveled at all the glistening jars of goodies in my grandma's cellar. Steam spitting, clinking jars & popping lids were heard throughout the house in our home growing up. Oh how fun it was to snip & snap the beans with grandpa on the lawn swing. The warm gush of vine ripened tomatoes bursting in your mouth & the tart sweet of ripe grapes under the arbor. I realize how magical my childhood really was...I was so blessed to know where food comes from & more than that to help work on getting the harvest in. I want my boys to know these pleasures too. I hope they will find spouses who share similar memories. So much joy can be found in the garden, farmyard & kitchen. To eat food grown, harvested & preserved by your own hands is the very best edible experience. Nostalgia makes everything a bit shinier than the reality of what life was probably like in my grandma's & mother's kitchens of the past...just like my sticky spotty floors would attest to today. But, I'd rather suffer through these few canning trials to get one fresh jar of homegrown food than have a whole rack of store bought....

Spicy Dilly Beans

Making zucchini relish.

Prep work is a time for stress relief; embrace your inner shredder.

Mmm...sampling is allowed!

use up every bit of scrap>>>

Watermelon Rind


Don't forget to take a break for tea & chocolate chip zucchini cake!

While you're resting, search for more canning recipes...

There are always more jars waiting to be filled...


don't pick themselves...

Blueberries make the most delicious colored jam; remember to lick the spoon!

"If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."



When you've run out of ooomph & there are still more fruits waiting to be preserved.... pull out a fifth of VODKA & poor over punctured fruit in jars. Seal and wait 30-60 days before sipping. NO CANNING NEEDED.

Don't forget to compost your scraps!

I'm mid-canning season right now.... soon there will be apple sauce, pear butter & chutney. Mmm......cinnamon & spices bubbling up from sugared sweetness? Heavenly. Try your hand at canning soon, you won't regret it! Need help? Find tons of inspiration starting here: Follow my canning journey over on Instagram here: #stellerstories #steller #canning #stellerfood #kitchen #food #foodphotography #kids #homestead #homemade #home #garden #gardening #vegetables #fruit #farmersmarket #farm #sustainability #sustainable

129 jars of food & counting....

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  • karen

    wow!! love this

  • trishabrink

    @karen thanks so much!

  • hsthompson

    Yummy!! I wish I could come over and sample them all. Canning is so foreign to me. I know nothing. I'm in awe

  • trishabrink

    @hsthompson I wish you could too my friend!! We would have a marvelous time sampling goodies!


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