Orfordness Lighthouse

Suffolk, England

Since 1792, Orfordness Lighthouse has stood on the Suffolk coast. It's survived storms and hurricanes, attacks by German warplanes, the Great Flood of 1953 and the Government’s secret testing of bombs and nuclear detonators on the remote shingle spit on which it stands. But it was decommissioned in 2013, and coastal erosion will now see it fall into the sea in around a couple of years. I hiked out there a couple of evenings ago. 11th August 2015

It's a 4.5 mile stomp over pebbles from civilisation. You can spot it soon after you set out.

The site was, up until the mid 80's, the most secret MoD location in the UK, a testing station for post WWII research into hydrogen and atomic weaponry mechanisms. There's also an old Cold War listening post, seen in the pic two pages back.

Getting closer.

Shattered remains of a pillbox in the foreground.

You get a sense of how close to the sea it stands, on pebbles, as you approach.

It's majestic.

It feels eerie out there.

Old military testing ground.

On the way back. Cold War listening station.

If you go out there, stick to the tracks, it's a conservation area. Go soon. Sadly, the lighthouse will fall into the sea in the next couple of years at current best guess. Take water and snacks. It's a pretty hard hike. #stellerstories #stellerwalk #stellerplaces #stellerverse #stelleruk #stelleradventure #stellercreative

Epilogue I literally walked the soles out of my shoes across the pebbles.