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Ceviche Sunday

1 Pound fresh Halibut 12 Lemons 5 Limes 2 Small Oranges 4 Finely Chopped Tomatillos 3 Heirloom Tomatoes 1 Finely Chopped Jalapeño 2 Large Avocados, Chopped 1/3 Cup Chopped Cilantro 1/2 Chopped Sweet Onion 2 Tbsp Olive Oil Ground Rock Salt Cook Time: 4 Hours Servings: 4 entree size dishes

Prepare the Fish

Cube the halibut into small pieces that are about 3/8" thick and just under 1" square. Not too thick, not too big.

Marinate in Citrus to Cook

Place the fish and 1/4 of the onion in a ceramic or glass bowl. Sprinkle and mix in a liberal amount of the ground rock salt. Squeeze in the juice of about 10 lemons and 3 limes. Enough to completely cover the fish. Refrigerate. The fish takes about four hours to cook. It's done when it's opaque throughout.

Chop Chop Chop

Once the fish is done cooking, drain and discard the citrus and then chop the tomatoes, avocados, tomatillos, jalapeño, cilantro and onion.

Mix and Serve

In a large mixing bowl mix the chopped ingredients with the fish. Stir in the olive oil and the juice from 2 oranges and 2 limes. Serve over a crisp corn tortilla or bed of lettuce and garnish with a few cilantro leaves.

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