I have always been in love with pretty #typography. The more hand made it looks, the more beautiful. I have been experimenting with #calligraphy and #fashionillustration to create an unique piece. Here is my attempt.

Practice makes confidence.

Practicing #brushcalligraphy

#oblique pen

My calligraphy pen holders

  • oui

    Eccezionale ! È una dote saper scrivere e disegnare . Non si può imparare !

  • photistry

    This must take so much practice.

  • elainebiss

    @photistry it does I practice everyday.

  • Skooni

    Love the sway me page and hope you develop it into a full blown font. It's lovely.

  • tamzentemple

    Gorgeous. I have pen envy. ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • cristinabmsilva

    Love this story! Is one of the things that I want to learn 🖋🙌🏻