Flourless Chocolate Cake

The second in my blog feature, asking a favourite blogger / Instagrammer to share a recipe with me that I would then make and style. Photographer & adventurer Kara Rosenlund shared her favourite flourless chocolate cake with me. It was a delight to make, style, photograph and eat!

This is more of a baked mousse that rises and falls and creates a crisp, top layer.

This cake is from The Bourke Street Bakery in Australia, it's a slightly more complex bake you need to make more effort to create lightness and air but the extra effort is worth it, you will be rewarded with a thick, gooey, dense and moist interior and a delightful contrast of a crisp, crunchy top layer.

Full recipe on the blog www.borrowed-light.com Find me on Instagram @catherine_frawley With thanks to Kara Rosenlund www.kararosenlund.com The Bourke Street Bakery www.bourkestreetbakery.com.au

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