Van Trip

Wyoming USA

It's always been a dream to have a super sweet conversion van for the ultimate climbing and BASE jumping roadtrip! I've lived out of an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, a Ford Ranger, a Honda Element and a Honda Fit

Time for the ultimate upgrade :)

And the best part of all: a garage for parachutes and climbing gear!

First trip: Moab Utah to Wyoming, to find some adventures

Had to check out Ten Sleep for some limestone pocket climbing

But we were more curious about Cody Wyoming: would there be good cliffs there?

Yes x 10!

and miles of open space for camping

The difference between living out of an Oldsmobile and living out of a sprinter van: you could live out of the van indefinitely..

We'd heard tales of big remote cliffs near Cody: big enough to fly a wingsuit from. Time to go look...

The stories were true!

an amazing flight

And beautiful hike out: miles of granite walls

an all around perfect wingsuit jump

Wyoming is always going to be wild

& big and open

On to the next adventure...

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