sunny with a chance of paddle boarding

It was a nice day for a change (from all the rain we've been having) and my paddle board cart was ready for another test. So my son and I went for a little stroll up the mountain.

the steepest pitch we encountered

we met all sorts of people and pets on our journey

lunch time

getting set up

a trickle of water down the back of the crater

it was a lot of fun for me to see the level of the lake so close to the clouds

my son making his way back to shore

all packed up and ready for the hike back down the mountain

Of the many experiences we had, both exhilarating and challenging, the highlight of my day was this: After the cart I made fell apart for the last time on the way down the mountain, I realized that between the two of us, my son and I would have to carry the paddleboard pack down the mountain ourselves. We tried carrying it one way which ultimately didn't work. So I had to put my own backpack on my front, and carry the paddleboard pack on my back for a little while. My son later said that this was like Jesus taking away our burdens and carrying them on His own.

#sup #redpaddleco #craterlake #hudsonbaymountain #fathersontime

  • brajohn1

    nice time lapse video

  • photistry

    Thanks @brajohn1. I had intended to do the whole inflating too, but the wind dislodged the phone, so by the time I was done, my iPhone was pointing at the sky!