Skiing the Triple Crown

Ross Hewitt for Sidetracked Magazine

The objective was simple – a considerable personal challenge to ski a trilogy of the biggest, baddest faces in the Alps. A project completely reliant on seizing those special snow conditions that come along once every few years, and only for a handful of days. I rated my chances of success at around 50%

When I woke, excitement burned inside me. We each went through our final preparations in silence, before making our way out into the frozen, predawn air.

}{ I’d been trying to ski this face most years since 2009, but so far it had eluded me. Not this time, I promised myself. }{

The tip of the Matterhorn was the first thing to be hit by the warm haze of the rising sun – a blood-streaked blade shearing the indigo sky. The freeze was superficial and in places we punched through the crust up to our thighs. We raced the sun up the large median slope, then followed the central couloir through a maze of bends, finally arriving at an ice bulge. It was already hot and the timing for the snow was perfect – with the weak freeze lower down we needed to get off the face...

All text by Ross Hewitt. Photos by Ross Hewitt and Guilhelm Martin Saint Leon Click to read the full story on Sidetracked. Follow Sidetracked on Twitter and Instagram. #Adventure #Ski #Travel #Photography

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