Maasai Mara

An African Safari

The trip of a lifetime

I had the opportunity to go on an African Safari with my daughter. We camped in a luxurious tent just above the Mara River filled with hippos. We saw so many wild animals in their natural habitat. One night I heard a very loud grunting and chewing noise just outside my tent. I peeked through the window of my flimsy tent and I saw a three thousand pound hippopotamus just a few feet away grazing on some bushes. I laid in my bed and just listened in amazement. I didn't need any coffee the next morning as my heart was still beating fast from the night before.

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  • klm_84

    Brought back memories from when I also went on one. Beautiful story loved it!

  • janetbrown

    Beautiful photos! I was a bit afraid I might see "kill" pix when I saw the cover /title, but instead I saw wonderful photographs of amazing animals. You "shot" them the perfect way. Thanks!

  • taribowest55

    How beautiful!

  • ghostedout

    Timely story. And great to see these precious animals alive and roaming. Thanks for sharing. Gotta stop the poachers and trophy hunters.

  • workingonitdad

    I love the jeep at the start. Great way to open.

  • calicohedgehog

    Beautiful story!


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