Spring hike to Mystic Lake


This past spring I took a trip to Mystic Lake in the Beartooth Mountains of #montana with my sister and her boyfriend. While this hike is fairly standard in the summer, it proved a challenge in the winter. The mountain reclaimed the trail with snow and there were a few sketchy climbs and a few too many times where I found myself doing self-arrest moves to stop from flying down the mountain side. But the views were more than worth the challenge and the solitude of being the only people on trail was a reward on it's own.

The sunrise to start the day was one of the best I had seen all year.

Getting to the top to see Mystic Lake was only part of the reward. This truly was more about the journey than the destination.


"In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks."

John Muir

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  • MaryLovesVeg

    Great photos- love the quotes, too.

  • tbyrnes

    This looks like a fun winter adventure! Love it!


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