Roads of Montana

Photo Series

The open road has always called to me, it offers an opportunity for freedom and a fresh start with endless chances for adventure. There are no shortage of beautiful open roads in Montana, which inspired me to create my #RoadsOfMontana series.

Two of the top ten roads in the world happen to be in #Montana. The Beartooth Pass stretches up and over Montana's tallest mountains and descends into Yellowstone National Park. The other road, Going to the Sun Road, winds through the heart of Glacier National Park.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.


This series is an on going process and eventually will be turning into a coffee table book. To see the rest of the series and to purchase prints, please visit

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  • tbyrnes

    Let's hit the road! This is awesome. Beautifully done @andyaustinphoto 👏🏻

  • andyaustinphoto

    Thank you @tbyrnes! Getting the hang of things!

  • tbyrnes

    Uhmm, yeah, I'd say you've got this dialed :) @andyaustinphoto.

  • tbyrnes

    @cairofoster....are you sure you can't come? ;)

  • karen

    Stunning!! Most amazing shots

  • montanandre

    Beautiful! You're good with words and pictures 😉

  • chrisvj

    makes me want to visit the US even more! Beautiful shots!

  • elisapella

    Amazing. And it's nice to see we have the same flowers in Italy! 😉

  • ghostedout

    Beautiful. I wanna visit Montana.

  • elliottwoods

    That northern lights photo is otherworldly. I've taken a lot of photos over the years of the highway stretching into the distance--something about that view pulls me further and further along the yellow line. It's an invitation to adventure that speaks to something deep in our nomadic brains. Lovely. My cousin Heather tells me you're in Bozeman--let's hang out sometime.

  • andyaustinphoto

    Many thanks @elliottwoods, I live in Billings now, but make it up to Bozeman a lot. We definitely need to grab a cup of joe/brew when I'm up there.

  • elliottwoods

    Sounds good @andyaustinphoto -- are you also one of the people behind the Glacier #stellermeet ? I'm going to go to that.

  • andyaustinphoto

    I'll be co hosting it so I'll see you up there! @elliotwoods

  • serendipity74


  • Duke

    Excited for this coffeetable book!

  • FilippoSalvioni

    Stunning 👍🏻


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