In 1948 the National Geographic Society explored and photographed Utah's remote Escalante land in search of unusual rock formations; undiscovered and undocumented.

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One local cowman, when asked if there were any natural bridges or arches in the country replied, “Yes, I’ve heard tell of one or two, but in my 40 years here I’ve never seen any. I’m always too busy looking for stray cattle or good grass feed to notice the scenery.”

So National Geographic explored this undocumented land...

National Geographic was in awe of creamy white and brilliant red rock formations.


So in awe, National Geographic named the area "Kodachrome Flats" after the film. Kodak liked the name, when it became a Utah State Park in the 1960's, the official name became "Kodachrome Basin"

@irockutah and I were inspired to discover the area ourselves.

We discovered Grosvenor Arch located in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

We discovered Ballerina Spire in Kodachrome Basin State Park

We discovered some of the darkiest skies in the United States. So dark, you can see the Milky Way right next to the bright Moon.

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