Greek Salad

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Before the summer break a recipe that I often like to do in the summer when it's hot. The Greek salad with watermelon and feta. I prepared this dish with a little variation adding the celery. Many colors that I served in one of the services that I love Kartell. And good summer.

A #summer #salad a good #recipe for the hot

Ingredients: For 2 Watermelon baby - half Feta - 200g Black olives - 10 Celery - 2 legs Fresh mint Extra virgin olive oil Salt

How to do: Dice the feta. Diced watermelon. Clean and wash the celery and cut it into chunks. Some chopped fresh mint leaves and chop. In a bowl put all the ingredients, add the olives and season with salt and oil. Leave in refrigerator 15 minutes and when you serve decorated with mint leaves.

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  • nunzias3rd

    looks so delicious and refreshing!

  • Helena_mos

    It looks yummy but from the title I thought it was a recipe for the traditional Greek salad. It was a bit misleading !


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