Floe Lake

Kootenay National Park

The hike into Floe Lake/Numa Pass in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia is absolutely magnificent. I spent a full day hiking and taking in the wonderful scenery that this place has to offer. There were tons of alpine wildflowers and a lot of Fireweed growing all throughout the avalanche paths.

The hike begins at the beautiful Vermilion River.

The natural wild fire from 2003 has left the place thriving with new growth as the old growth still stands in many places.

The plentiful Fireweed was one of my favourite aspects of this hike.

There were lots of great creek crossings.

The sight of Floe Lake and the Rockwall stopped me dead in my tracks.

The weather was changing from sunny and warm to cloudy and cold nearly every ten minutes, classic Canadian Rockies weather!

The sun came out and I made my way up to Numa Pass through an incredible trail of alpine wildflowers.

Here I made it to the pass and the Alpine Tundra where I felt like I could walk forever.

The view of Floe Lake from Numa Pass!

Looking off towards the Continental Divide and into Banff National Park.

The End!

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