“To become a psychoathlet you need to walk at least 100 km in three days with a friend, carrying a backpack on your shoulders”.

This story tells you about my experience when I became a Psychoathlet. We stayed on the road for 6 day. We walked in total 250 km. It was the summer of 2012 and we crossed the Italian regions of Tuscany and Umbria.

I joined the group in Umbria, some of them were already on the road since weeks.

Psychoathlets always carry a flag. The name of this flag is Flora. It represents the goal of the group. It has to reach Venice. The group walked from Rome to Venice in six weeks, always waving the flag.

Doing this kind of journey is like jumping back in the past for ages. Italy looks so old, so slow. We have been in villages and towns that looks almost abandoned. Old houses, old vehicles, old signs surround us wherever we walk. Everything seems very far from our daily reality made of internet, computers and cellphones.

The "others" are the people we met on the path. They always looked at us with curiosity. Some of them are very friendly and like to talk with us. They ask questions, they would like to understand why we walk. We look like a group of crazy people coming from the past waving a medieval flag. Most of them believe we are a religious group. In reality we just love to walk.

We got lost several times. We spent hours walking in the mud. We walk with every weather conditions. The most important thing is that the flag is out and waving.

One of the best moment of the entire journey. We spent two hours sleeping in a public park under the sun, recovering from the past days of rain.

Every morning we did a short briefing during the breakfast. Cappuccino and croissant for the body. Google Maps to find the best routes.

When the energies ended, when everything seemed impossible and everyone wanted to abandon, we went totally crazy. Someone began to run, screaming like a foolish. The flag began to wave. And the energies were back. The power of the group is incredible.

We are in Montepulciano. It is the finish line. Here ends my path. Some of the other guys will continue to walk till Venice. This is the moment when we shake our hands. Has been a fantastic journey. We made new friends, we saw beautiful landscapes and villages. We shared moments that will last forever.

THE FINAL SALUTE Goodbye my friends. I will see you again soon, on the road.

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