8.00am on aSaturday morning in July when most Londoners were still locked in their slumber and the Great Russell Street was almost empty except for the fair few creeping black cabs and sleepy street cleaners, thirteen of us arrived at the door step of The British Museum, ready to capture this prominent institution before it opened its door to the visitors.

Alex ( @whatalexloves ) standing at the main entrance of The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court before the arrival of 20,000 visitors daily.

The roof of The Great Court

3,312 panels and it takes two weeks to clean.

Beautiful light on the day!

From the Great Court, we moved on to the Egyptian Sculptures Gallery.

And the Greek and Roman Sculptures Gallery

Before ending at the Enlightenment Room!

Special thanks to The British Museum for inviting us to visit. It was a rare opportunity to have seen and captured the Museum without any visitors!

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