Five Miles in my Shoes

26th July 2015

@5milesinmyshoes Last Sunday, groups gathered around the world to walk five miles in the shoes of those less fortunate. It was an idea dreamed up by a group of us a couple of months ago. It's been quite a journey, and we've been helped and hugely supported along the way by some very generous people and organisations. #fivemilesinmyshoes #stellerwalk

The central walk was in London. We gathered next to Tower Bridge under gloomy skies. Picture: @richieboyig

Sixty of us. All smiles despite the downpour.

Most of the founders, minus @kidcircus who couldn't be there. @descurran forgot to make the cardboard cutout of him!

We were supporting WWF, Oxfam and UNICEF. I walked in the shoes of a Polar Bear family. Only 25,000 of them left.

In London, we criss crossed the Thames from Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge.

@mumhad1ofthose I think that's his index finger☝🏼

We know of groups and people that were walking in Spain, several locations in the US, Sweden and various locations in the UK. To date we've raised over Β£2,000 for our charities. You can still donate at

We made it. All of us. And we'll be back to do it again. Picture: @mumhad1ofthose

@jordanfoy and some of the guys went for an after party. Special thanks to Jordan and @steller for your support. Check Jordan's story of the day. It's about 372% better than this! Picture: @DevTrammel

Thank you

@mumhad1ofthose / @juicylucyham @kidcircus / @descurran @richieboyig / @brad_hobbs @slipongravel / @mervinkaye @london WWF, Oxfam, UNICEF And most importantly, everyone who took part. Please stay tuned for the next @5milesinmyshoes - it'll be bigger!

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