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When I met you you were lost. Someone got rid of you by selling you to the slaughterer. You were one of these 40 horses and ponies that day who should go on their last journey to Italy to get slaughtered. Right in the middle of a cold winter. You were already tared: 300 kg. Your age: about 35 years!!

When I met you I lost my heart to you. This white face. These sad old eyes deep in their holes. This strong will to survive. To carry on.

When I met you you met your fate calmly. You had no chance. You were under the rule of someone your whole life.

When I met you a reversal of fortune appeared. You were the last one who should be loaded on board of the truck. You didn't fit there anymore. I took you home to my stable, 500kms far. I was advanced in pregnancy and the birth of my second son should be just one week later. I got very ill because of all these sad and cruel things I had seen.

When I met you you were ill. The vet didn't have too much hope to heal your liver. It seemed you only knew moldy hay to eat. You didn't trust or like people anymore. You nearly bitten off one of my fingers once.

When I met you you were looking for love. You were special to me from the first moment. I count myself lucky to accompany you for 7,5 years now, nearly each day. No one ever believed that you would reach such an old age of over 40 years!! You are such a brave guy and you changed into a lucky, little pony. You fought to enjoy your last, well-deserved days, months and years, that every animal should have.

When I met you, you were alone. Then you found the love of your life: Sarah. A 30-year-old white pony lady who shares your stable and your love. Who is patient, calm and always by your side.

When I met you, you showed me so much about life. You wanted to stay alive. Getting old is a hard way and although you love your life. You are getting skinny now. You are getting weak now. Your eyes are almost blind now. You are losing your appetite now. You are not drinking enough water during these hot summer days. That's the way of life. You have to accept it and make the best of it. Spend lots of love.

When I met you you found somebody who takes care of you. Who will be there for you until the end. Who you can trust while your eyes are almost blind. Who you can nudge to get the last banana. Who loves you until the moon and back - GLEN, my dear! Such a pleasure to have you!

You only live once. Think of the old ones. They need so much love and care and they give so much back. Priceless.

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  • eleprocon


  • photistry

    Touching. Thanks for sharing.

  • mombo

    thnx for sharing such an incredible story

  • Winter_Stars

    Loved this story! Thank you for sharing! Love this horse!

  • michelle_oben

    So touching.

  • Clare

    I love this story.

  • cara_schrock

    Thank you for saving the seniors.

  • robinandthecity

    This touched my heart. Thank you.

  • greyctbird

    Sobbing reading this. You are both so incredibly lucky to have met each other. I'm glad you shared this.

  • kaijaglobe

    This is such a beautiful and moving story. I'm so glad you found each other. Thank you for saving him.

  • lovemyhouse

    @eleprocon @photistry @mombo @Winter_Stars @michelle_oben @Clare @casch_rock @robinandthecity @greyctbird @kaijaglobe Thank you all so much for your kind words!! I appreciate this so much! I think I shared this story to show that every little life is so precious and every soul is unique, even one tiny chick between 10.000 other chicks...and they all love their life... Glen is just an example for all the other old horses and ponies that we never met, who suffer in silence and were never mentioned...

  • lovemyhouse

    ...on their way to the slaughterer. You can't rescue all, but you can make a difference yourself. You can spend your money or your time for those animals and you can start eating less or even no meat. On the other hand I wanted to show that accompanying someone getting old is a natural process with happy and sad moments which make you reflect your own life. Letting go is such a painful act and even though I already rescued more than 50 horses and ponies in my life, it is always very hard for me.

  • felix99

    So beautiful!

  • mooremedia

    What a beautiful story, straight from the heart❀️ Lucky Glen, lucky you✨😊

  • cgbcoms

    Great story, well expressed.

  • aconica

    This makes me want to say so much, to much. I'll just have to say I love you and leave it at that.

  • lckmylgs

    Kind hearted person you are β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • pappaga11a

    Lovely. Thanks for introducing us to Glen.

  • pmd


  • tillyroseandi

    So beautiful...This brought a tear to my eyeπŸ’•

  • lovemyhouse

    @aconica Adria, thank you so much dear 😘

  • lovemyhouse

    @pmd @tillyroseandi @pappaga11a @lckmylgs @cgbcoms @whatiseephoto @felix99 THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING & ALL YOUR KIND WORDS πŸ™

  • mobuck32

    Such a touching story, thinking of all the love you have for each other made me cry.

  • sooukdotcom

    Beautiful @Bente ❀️

  • amberxdavis

    So beautiful, made me all teary eyed ❀️

  • MollyStupid

    Ponys there so cook

  • acleverly

    The best bittersweet story ever! I too have loved some old, wise horses.

  • jaymeford

    This is beautiful

  • deborahdb


  • mysuburbanfarm

    Such a beautiful heart felt story...he's so lucky to have found such a loving person to take care of him, just gorgeous πŸ™ŒπŸΌX

  • whatalexloves

    My heart just melted.... ❀️🐴 This is wonderful, Bente.

  • vibecke66

    My oh my.. what a beautiful story. I have 7 horses my self and you make my cry with your breathtaking story. Thank you <3

  • dromelot

    What a heartwarming story...❀️


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