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On March 17, 2015, then 13-year old professional rock climber Ashima Shiraishi became the first female to climb 9a+ or 5.15.

The route, Open Your Mind, Direct (9a/9a+) is located in a huge cave near the tiny Catalan village of Santa Linya. Nestled squarely in the mountains, only about 10 year-round residents live next to one of the most booming sport-climbing meccas in the world.

A few days later, Shiraishi sent Ciudad de Dios, her second 9a/9a+ for the trip, securely making her one the best, if not the best female sport climber in the world.

Months of visualizing and days of blood, sweat and tears had culminated in one of the most impressive feats in climbing history; we celebrated with ice cream bars from the local market.

I am truly blessed to do what I do, and spend time in the mountains with some of the best people in the world. Congratulations, Ashima. I know it was all the way back in March, which is, like, forever ago when you're 14, but those are moments I'll never forget.

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