If you love a tough race with great landscapes, scenic places and great atmosphere, this is the one to be considered as a paradise for XTERRA athletes with many trails starting from this clear water lake surrounded by big mountains.

The village in the middle of these Abruzzo Mountains, is just as scenic as you can imagine

you are in the real Italy with people who are proud and happy to host an XTERRA event.


The swim course is quite simple. You swim 1k before exiting and running around 100m before diving again into the lake for the last 500m.

Bike and Run

The Bike course consists of 1 loop of 31,5km mainly composed by one long climb (elevation gain of 1150m) and a long downhill and finally again one loop for the 10,4km run course including some vertical drops”.

And the Winner is... Ruben Ruzafa from Spain and every single racer

A story by #Motasemperteam

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