France, 2015

Arrival to France, Day One

Train to Gap

Day 2, After train delays, I made it to Ceuse and we went on a hike up Petit Ceuse

Day 3, settled in to the gîte and ready for some climbing

The Crown, bonjour beautiful!

And the climbing adventures begin...

Berlin Wall, the warm up routine

"Dures Limites"

"Radote Julie Pépère"

Feel the wind, breathe the air, find the flow

Day 5, swimming in the Med for some recovery

Enjoying nature's effervescent beauty; lavender fields

Day 6...

Verdon Gorge

Taking a weekend trip away from Ceuse to explore another area

While in the Verdon our house turned out to be a farm...


Ramiel Cave

Day 8, First Female Ascent, "La Cocinelle Trompe L'Oeille"

We had lots of laughs and epic nights

Our car was broken in to

The restaurants were closed

We had no wifi ;)

But our location...

Day 10...

Returning to Ceuse

Day 11, back in Ceuse

Some days we are successful

"Le Chirurgien du Crépuscule"

and we often fall

Day 13...

Day 14...

Day 16...

Rest day at the lake

And then we climb some more...

Take chances

Try something new

Day 19, Trad Climbing with Arnaud Petit

Learning from the legend

Day 20...


But always

end the day with messy hair, dirty clothes, and sparkling eyes

...while enjoying the view

It's the end of one adventure and on to the next chapter

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