Dog Walking Adventures


Okay, okay! So I'm a dog and I don't wear shoes. Of course this is how it really is. --->

But I'm sure you'd rather hear this story from my point of view! As always, I start out by going to my local park. And today I met this lady...


What you staring at?


Oh! Hi there! So that's why your mother's looking a bit stern.


You have siblings too! Cool! Wanna play?


I'm a dog, you say, so that's not going to happen? Oh, well...

So, if the ducklings won't come and play I guess I'll go to the blueberry wood and have a little snack on my own.

Then maybe I'll go to the lake and have a swim. Yeah, terrific idea, if I may say so myself!


A bit of information for you while I'm having a swim: Five miles in my shoes is a photo walk for charity (see @5milesinmyshoes). As I'm a dog my charity of choice is of course the World Wildlife Fund:

It was a lovely, refreshing swim! Time to go home and have a rest on my favourite pillow.

Thank you for looking! #stellerwalk

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