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One day in paradise Exumas islands

Exumas are an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau the capital of Bahamas. They’re divided into three major areas—Great Exuma, Little exuma and the Exuma Cays. Each offers its own unique Bahamian experience, with sapphire-blue water everywhere, The Exumas are an exotic collection of dream destinations.

Let´s go on the way to the Exumas

Arrived on an amazing beach with pure white sand

A stunning turquoise water

The sun is very strong!!

There is nothing around

The bahamas has many amazing animals that are on land and in the water. The wildlife is vaious, you can see many animals such as nurse sharks, stingrays or iguanas... You can feed them, swim next to them if you are not afraid.

A lot of iguanas everywhere

Awesome sharks

Personally I was too afraid to do scuba diving next to them

Beautiful and big stingrays

A lot of memories in my mind

Bye bye #Exumas Hope to see you soon #beach #island #islands #bahamas #paradise #stellerstories More pictures of my travels on IG @mel.instants

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