for a friend

flavored with NATURE

A homemade Gift With Love & Soul

| recipe | For a special Friend

Carefully selected ingredients With a personal Touch. Some Art de Vivre from France, a bit Sea from Slovenia and homegrown Roseblossoms & Lavender

Handmade Rose Salt Birthday Edition

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Love the sound of dried Rose Blossoms πŸ’ž full recipe:

The cutter will do the magic for you in a few seconds.

🍴 Add 10 coffee spoons of finest Fleur de Sel πŸ’ž

A bit Lavender never hurts

- Limited Edition of 3 - delicate presents for very special friends handmade with love

Some handwritten gift tags will give your handmade Rose Salt an even more personal note

Just some ribbon, and we are done! ~ The Birthday Salt Edition is finished.

THANKS for watching πŸ‡ find full recipe on VanportraitKitchen #vanwrites #moderncalligraphy

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