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I had an impromptu stay in Banyuwangi, a town in East Java, 30-minute ferry ride from Bali island. I didn't visit the popular tourist attractions, which are hours away from town. Instead, I explored a local beach. What I found by wandering around were amazing.

Mount Ijen at the background.

What intrigued me was the sand. It was my first black sand beach.


The beach care-taker told me not to walk on the humps on the beach, which have wooden sticks sticking out near them. He said there are hundreds of baby turtles in there.

Boom beach was not a particularly clean beach to visit. But I was told that the cleaning up efforts has brought back turtles in the area. The care-taker passionately told me about the hundreds of baby turtles born at the beach. He intends to inform as many visitors as he could to improve the beach and hatch a thousand eggs by the end of the year.

Then I left the beach and saw pretty boats nearby.

Fishermen drying their catch in the afternoon. They also hung their nets to dry.

I didn't expect the nets to be in bright colours!

I was greeted by this angry looking bird, that acted more like a dog. It followed me and chirped loudly as I circled the cage, but turned so sweet as I whistled to greet it back.

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

Aldous Huxley


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