by Heather Page

We met Heather how we meet a lot of people these days - on the internet. The gorgeous floral arrangements she shares on her Instagram feed caught our eye so much so that we asked her to be July’s Instagram Takeover artist. It was the highlight of our month to see her photographs through the eyes of Waterlogue.

A formally trained florist in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Heather shoots with either her iPhone or her dad’s vintage 35mm Pentax K1000. Although she says she’s not a photographer, her photos beg to differ.

“Waterlogue is such a fun way to extend the life of pretty perishables. There is a beautiful quote by Frida Kalho that says 'I paint flowers so they will not die.’ I think she sums it up perfectly." - Heather Page

For more of Heather’s work, be sure to follow her at instagram.com/heather_page. instagram.com/waterlogue waterlogue.com #Waterlogue #Watercolor #WaterlogueTakeover #Instagram #WaterlogueFlorals