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Alternative Pesto & Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

This morning I've picked lots of vegetables from my garden. I have helped these plants to grow, and I've been waiting patiently for months before picking their fruits. With all the Basil leaves, I've decided to prepare an Alternative Pesto.

It's a very nutrient version of the traditional one, with lots of seed and dried fruit but without garlic. Pesto can be put in jars making sure you cover the top with a good extra virgin olive oil and close the lid firmly. I have used almonds, together with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts.

| PESTO | Ingredients (To make two jars as those in the picture, about 3/4 cups of Pesto) 100g / 1cup basil leaves 100 to 150 ml of olio evo 2 tbsp sunflower seeds 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 2 tbsp sliced almonds 1 tbsp pine nuts 70g of freshly grated Pecorino DOP A good pinch of salt

After having made Pesto, I've thought of giving you a very easy to make recipe, also using cherry tomatoes that are very abundant in this period in vegetable gardens and at the market almost everywhere. I've stuffed them with the freshly made Pesto and a little fresh Ricotta cheese and then baked them in the oven.

| STUFFED CHERRY TOMATOES | Ingredients (Serves 2) 20 yellow cherry tomatoes 100g Pesto / a small jar 70g Fresh Ricotta cheese A pinch of salt 1 tsp of pine nuts to garnish Basil leaves

They are delicious and also very good eaten cold. I've served them with Bulgur flavoured with fresh herbs from my garden such as mint, greek basil, dill and some sesame seeds.

| BULGUR WITH HERBS | Ingredients (Serves 2) 150g organic Bulgur wheat 2 small bunches of fresh mint 2 small bunches of fresh dill 1 tbsp sliced almonds 2 tbsp of soja sauce 1 tsp of gomasio

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