Zooming in


This week Steller challenges us to get up close with our surroundings. A very good piece of advice, cause if you slow down, zoom in and look really, really close when you're out and about you might just see that you're not as alone as you might think.

Meet Hans. He is a quiet and thoughtful little fellow whose favourite pastime is standing completely still and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere among the greenery.

Helga and Olga love exploring. Unfortunately, neither of them are equipped with any sense of direction, so they often lose track both of where they are going and of each other.


Where are you?


I'm here!

Sam is a guy who prides himself in keeping his priorities straight - always makes sure to have one for the road before he sets out on any adventure.

And last but not least, if you look really, really, REALLY close, you might even see little Audrey.

She has a favourite pose that she thinks shows off both nature and herself to the best advantage.

She's never happier than when she finds a petal with a view.

Audrey's true age is a well kept secret. She has after all got her own personal fountain of youth.


So whether you're a nature photographer or just love being in the outdoors, remember to take your time and carefully zoom in on your surroundings.

Thank you for looking! More images: instagram.com/spectatia_