The crazy lady

From the pier of san blas

This is a small excerpet of one of my stories. Inspired by a song from the band Mana. Hope you like it 💛 @dreamingtowrite

She looked like a white floating ghost appearing and dissapearing from the pier. Swirling and doing little dances.


Her name was Rebecca, she lived in this small town, east side of the Panama Canal along the caribbean sea.


If you looked closely, you could see that she used to be beautiful. She still had big black lively eyes, that would turn sad without warning. Her faced had wrinkled, maybe more than usual, because of the sun and the salt water.


His name was Manuel, their romance was short, but strong and powerful. They understood each other, like kindred spirits do.

He left on his fishing boat that early calm morning, but the weather turned, and a big storm came.

Everyday, Rebecca would go to the pier, dressed in her white dress. Her eyes lost in the horizon, hypnotized by the waves.

She thought she could see her dear Manuel far on the distance, and she would whisper his name.

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