Those wonder years

Spent the afternoon skipping, hopping and jumping around RHS Wisley with my friend's toddler. And this brought back memories of my wonder years - my childhood. A time when my neighbourhood seemed like an infinite expanse. A time when any trip beyond these neighbourhood boundaries was an exciting quest. A time when every older person seemed to have awe-inspiring powers. A time when all I wanted to do was to explore everything, go everywhere and dream of the day when I would be the boss of myself! So I have tried to capture these emotions in a series of photos from the munchkin's and my little afternoon adventure.

Contemplating the meaning of life

Running, not because you have to but because you want to.

Exploring everything, especially when you are told not to.

Marvelling at the little things -colours, textures and shapes.

Taking that next step towards making a new discovery.

Being awed by everything.

Sharing with joy all the time, especially if it is food you have dropped on the floor and been told not to eat it.

Dreaming of the day you can make your own shopping decisions.

Photobombing always.

Smelling the flowers and making friends with the bees along the way.

Pondering upon the absurdity of the elderly - 'you want to photograph your feet?!'

It's amazing how the most mundane and day to day activities, like a walk in the park, can make you nostalgic and bring back memories of some of the happiest periods of life. All photos taken in RHS Wisley. #stellerstories #stellertravel #stellermemories

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