The Hijab Explained

The extremely misunderstood headscarf

This is not a steller post to promote a certain ideology or faith over another and is not to compare between veiled & unveiled women. I do however support the right for a woman to choose/design her own lifestyle.

The Misconception

Many around the world are lead to believe that muslim women cover because she is some kind of property that belongs to a man and that the hijab is a way to keep women from being equal. I don't blame you for thinking that.. & here is why..

This is a picture of a bedouin (desert dwelling nomad) lady . She covers her face with what is called a burqa. The burqa is purely cultural much like the Sari in India or a Kilt in Scotland. It was fused with religion in non arab Islamic cultures when they converted and wanted to adopt a more "Islamic" lifestyle.

A good example to illustrate what I mean is the Emarati burka you find some women wearing in the UAE. It is obvious that its purely ornamental and inspired by the Arabian falcon's beak as a sign of beauty.

The hijab got mixed into the controversy when radical regimes in Afghanistan and others adopted the burqa and renamed it to Niqab. I don't mean to generalize, but you will realize that the niqab is a phenomenon very common in Afghani, Pakistani rural cultures. Arabic is not a common language there and many depend on translations of the Koran.. A perfect opportunity for any terror group to feed the masses misunformation to serve their purpose.

The Hijab is actually a symbol of equality. That a woman is not a toy and should not br objectified & respect should be given to her intellect. The hijab isalso is a symbol of high values.

The reality is the hijab is a symbol of high values. A reminder that a woman is not a toy and one must give her intellect and existence as an equal participant in life the respect it deserves. Women also carry the pride of their family. It is common for men to take oath or promise with their sister's name. Ex: "I will tell the truth, for I'm Sara's brother."

In a typical arabic home, men actually hold their social visits in a room called a Diwan outside the house as to not bother the women of the house. A man who isn't a family member is expected to give a loud "ahem" or knock and wait for a woman to invite him in

Many young girls who wear the hijab today have put their own spin to it and are active and equal participants in life. Pictured is Ascia Kapf, a Kuwaiti fashion blogger dubbed "Queen of the Turban

Ascia on the cover of Athnain (2). A Kuwaiti alternative fashion magazine.

I hope this brings into light the difference and why some muslim women oppose laws banning the hijab. Banning the niqab (face cover) in my opinion is a security measure that I compeletly understand. Especially in our times. At the end of the day, I believe woman should make their own choices and it goes both ways.. Banning the hijab or enforcing it are two big crimes against the women's rights movement.

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  • notabot

    Great Steller! Thank you so much for taking the time to create it and share with the community.

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    @marklucovsky thank you! Its always a pleasure creating stellers. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

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    thnx for sharing.

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    I'm Jewish Israeli and I really appreciated this. I hate ignorant racism, sorry - all racism - and I think if people take the time to read your Steller, they will really learn a lot!

  • jaywilder

    Really enjoy your stories @azizn

  • jaywilder

    Quick question too: is the difference between a burqa and a niqab that the burqa covers the whole body to the grounf whereas the niqab only covers the face? Thx!

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    Very interesting!

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    Thank you for the social enlightenment!

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    @jaywilder they are one and the same, they both cover the face only, the word niqab has a religious connotation to it although in afghanistan they interchange the name for the religious version.

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    Well said.

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    Thank you for the education. It is knowledge about each other that shall eradicate hatred. x

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    I wish there were more people like you sharing the truth. The truth will help bridge a gap and eradicate racism. Thank you for taking the time to make this.

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  • epicwanderings

    Excellent story on the cultural significance of hijab and the burka! I go to Malaysia about 4 times a year and my close friend is Muslim ( and our daughter's godfather is of Iraqi descent) and my friends choose to not cover. I do have one friend who wears hijab as she says her husband prefers that she does. She has a choice but is influenced by her husband.

  • Sireen

    The Hijab is definitely supposed to reflect high values but not all hijabi women are hijabi by choice and not all of them has high values.


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