Yushu, Qhingai, China

Every #summer in the Tibetan town of Yushu it takes part a #traditional #horse #festival. Thousands of people from all over #Tibet and #China gather on the Tibetan plateau to enjoy this incredible event made of dances, horse races and colors. I had the pleasure to be there.

The town of Yushu is located in a remote area in the Chinese province of Qinghai. We have been driving for two days on gravel roads and beautiful Himalayan landscapes. When we arrived that's what we have been witnessing.

We were standing in the middle of the crowd when suddenly a group of colorful Tibetan warriors riding horses appears in front of me. They were screaming, waving flags and holding guns.

The Tibetan plateau was filled with colorful flags, umbrellas and a huge campsite with traditional Tibetan tents. This place was incredible and I'm feeling very lucky for the experience I had the chance to live.

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