April in London

After a long winter, April arrived with signs of Spring. London became lively, as if the city had woken up from a deep winter slumber. I like this time of the year as daylight gets longer and I'm looking forward to warmer weather ahead.

{ 1 } Lunch by the fountain with the view of The Tower Bridge, can't complain!

{ 2 } Obligatory spring shot!

{ 3 } Roof topping again! This time overlooking the Trafalgar Square.

{ 4 } Just couldn't have enough of cherry blossoms as I only see them once a year!

{ 5 } Tea time at Fernandez and Wells!

{ 6 } A bike and a characteristic brick wall is a great combi!

{ 7 } My daily commute on the Underground!

{ 8 } There were also magnolias!

{ 9 } Revisited the British Museum.

Till next month

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