Happy Birthday Momo


Momo turns nine today. I feel so blessed to have my dear baby by my side for nine healthy, wholesome years & here's to many, many more years together!

Needless to say, Hana was a tad bit jealous of all the attention the birthday girl was getting today.

Yawn. When is this party over?

When Momo first came home, she was a weak, sick puppy. There were many life-and-death moments but the strong little girl pulled through. Momo, now a nine-year old mother dog, is heathy as as a 🐎 and is a source of great happiness & joy in the family.

Thank you Momo for being such a bundle of joy for the past nine years.

Here's to many more years! πŸ’•

Now it's time to finally enjoy that delicious birthday cake!

I love you, Momo!


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