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New Zealand

On the 29th June 2015 I headed off to New Zealand with my bro @laurenepbath for a week of adventures. We started on the beach in Christchurch and then we hit the road and headed for the snow, I've never skied before and New Zealand seems like the perfect place to learn.

Sunrise at Taylors Mistake, Christchurch

I love that you can be on the beach watching sunrise in the morning and then jump in the car and be in the mountains skiing by lunch time

Speeding up the Rakaia Gorge in a jet boat #awesome

Rakaia Gorge

How amazing are the roads and tracks in New Zealand, always something new to shoot.

Next stop Methven. Methven is about 1 1/2hrs drive from Christchurch, it's a cute, very welcoming little town that sits at the base of the Southern Alps, it's only a short drive from Mt Hutt ski field.

First morning high above the clouds at Mt Hutt

Always time for a quick selfie

Mt Hutt

Today I took my very first ski lesson with Barry at Mt Hutt, after an hour with Barry's awesome instructions I managed to make it down the bunny slope without falling 😊 Barry told me not to be forced by my friends to hit the slopes until I had one more lesson but........... When I returned to Lauren she used her powers of persuasion and made me go off skiing with her on a blue run 😱

Heading up on the lift, I don't look nervous at all 😁

Then I spent an hour doing this 😂😂

It did make an awesome spot for a photo from the top of the blue run.

Lauren hitting the slopes

And then I got my rhythm and I made it down 😊

After a day of skiing we headed back into town but not before we stopped and took some shots of this amazing sunset

Primo Cafe

Our favourite place to have breakfast in Methven was this cute little cafe/antique shop, you could buy anything in this place including the crockery and cutlery that you used for breakfast....... Best oats EVER

The winter light is incredible

This is just the beginning of the story, so much more to come....... Next stop Lake Tekapo. www.newzealand.com www.airnewzealand.com.au www.discoveryjet.co.nz www.NZski.com/mt-hutt