Take a tour with me. 142 years of history and the epitome of descret hospitality in #vienna .

Entering the #hotel foyer of the Imperial Vienna is like walking right into the glam of the time of the Austrian Monarchy. A chandelier heaven with all the modern facilities of the 21. Century.

Every room and corridor sparkles in the decent light of crystals and whispering stories from the past and present.

In the first floor you will find an original painting of her Majesty Empress Sisi, who attended the Opening Ceremonies of the Hotel in 1873.

The house symbol can be found on many places in the building in various interpretations, even the service stuff wears a little pin on their clothes.

But one of the most important details to make a hotel stay perfect for me is always the bathroom. I can live without chocolate on the pillow or fruit baskets on the coffee table, even maybe without Wlan, but not without a beautiful and well functioned bathroom. And of course no surprise here. A marvelous daylight room coated in white marble with all the luxury comfort you could wish for.

Even the Ladies Room in the Conference Rooms area are full of friendly light and funny details >

Never saw such a clever idea before.

A Bar Visit is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the hotel without staying overnight.

And last but not least: the sweet house speciality. The Imperial Cake BTW: A nice holiday gift

A great insight into one of the best hotels in the world and a very special place to talk about Visual Storytelling with @Steller on the occasion of the first #stellermeetaustria in cooperation with #igersaustria Thank you Hotel Imperial Vienna for having us and giving us a tour full of personal stories behind the scenes. #austria #luxurytravel #stellermeet

THANKS for watching

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