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This is my second time in South America, and this adventure has me wanting to come visit this beautiful continent so much more. Quito, Otavalo, and the surrounding regions showcased the country of Ecuador like it was the most extraordinary place on this earth. Ecuador never ceased to amaze me with its variety in colorful cityscape, endless mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. - Jamie Fleck -

Quito, Ecuador

The city of Quito is a extraordinary mixture of modern, tradition, vibrant hues, towering volcanoes, concrete jungles, and homage. Whether you are strolling down the sidewalk of Simon Bolivar, mesmerized by the ancient churches, or going up the teleferico up the Pinchincha mountains, there is always a memorable sight for you to see.

Otavalo, Ecuador

The historical town of Otavalo is most known for its grand street market of artisan goods and delicious foods. However, if you venture beyond its limits, you encounter natural wonders such a as the the awe-inspiring Cascadas de Peguche and the serene Cotacachi Capayas Ecological Reserve that make you forget that you are surrounded by so many villages and that Quito is a mere two hours away drive.

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