summer in the desert

I live in Moab, Utah. By July the temperatures go over 100!

the creatures teach us how to survive in the desert, if we pay attention

We learn to go out early

In the summer we hide from the sun, always

So much beauty, but it's a dangerous world...

in the hot season

many days, we go up, escape to the cool aspen forests

water is life

we're all sharing the same places, trying to get by

without the mountains

the desert wouldn't have its magic

  • CphilpottCraig

    Sweet. I was a kid in Moab back in the day.

  • B__xy

    Great one, Steph! 👌🏼♥️👌🏼Loved to hike and climb in Arches.

  • SavanahBlekk

    Beauty 👌🏽

  • SavanahBlekk


  • Duke

    page 12 is awesome!!

  • classichound

    So much beauty in this world! Thanks for sharing some in your neck of the woods!

  • laurencelz

    Do you live inMoab year round? Any thoughts on winter there? Spent time motorcycle camping in utah. Moab seemed more of a place to actually live.

  • wheresshads

    I love this! I opted to go to Utah in August and my friends all thought I was crazy for doing so. I think it's the best time!!!