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Norway, what can you say about a place like this? Words will never do the country justice.

It hosts an incredible mix of relaxation & excitement.

Arriving in the wonderful city of Bergen, you can spend hours walking the streets, enjoying the architecture, followed by a beautiful sunset on the waterfront.

Even amid all of the hustle & bustle; the markets, the cafes, & the shops, you're able to find pockets of peace & quiet, allowing you to take it all in, even if for just a few moments.

Bergen is truly one of the most picture perfect cities.

Norway in a Nutshell

If your time &/or budget is limited, look into the Norway in a Nutshell tour. It'll take you through some of Norway's most amazing areas by bus, tram, & boat.

going north #lofotenislands

One of the many areas I wanted to explore & see for myself was the Lofoten islands. Taking a flight from Oslo to Bodø followed by a ferry up to Svolvær, was something I'll never forget.

The islands are linked by bridges which add to the already stunning scenery.

Once up north there are a variety of options to get from island to island - if your budget allows. Keep in mind that all of Norway is fairly pricey & it can be difficult to stick to a budget.

Making your way through the strangely beautiful islands will leave you wanting more. Sadly, I was unable to continue my journey but hope to one day return...only this time, with more money.


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