Sky high in London

There's a building at 20 Fenchurch St in London. Everyone calls it the walkie talkie, it has a big garden at the top. There was an exclusive meet there last week organized by @london and @canonuk. It was great.

Approach, Saturday 7.30am

Paternoster Square

Drama at Bank

Canary Wharf

@5milesinmyshoes / @slipongravel

@5milesinmyshoes / @richieboyig

Going home

Thanks to everyone in the community and @steller for your love and support for @5milesinmyshoes If you'd like to make a difference by doing a sponsored photo walk of five miles wherever you are in the world, for good causes, please take a look. @5milesinmyshoes #stelleruk / #stellerverse / #stellercreative / #stellerplaces / #london #fivemilesinmyshoes