Summer Exhibition

Royal Academy of Arts

Running into its 247th year this year, the opening of the Summer Exhibition heralds the start of British summer of cultural events. As before, hundreds of artists shared their creativities and artworks with visitors worldwide at this space.

The Dappled Light of the Sun, Conrad Shawcross

On the cover:Fictions 3 (Invisible Cities), Tim Head

On the staircase: Zobop by Jim Lambie

Julie and Bob, tapestry, by Grayson Perry

My favourite of all was A Humument by Tom Phillips.

In 1966, Tom Phillips wanted to buy a book for three pence and alter every page using various techniques to create a new artwork. The book he used was A Human Document, a novel by W H Mallock. The finished artwork is called A Humument, the contracted title of the original.

Having missed the event for so many times in the past, I finally made my first visit this year. Thanks to the Royal Academy of Arts for inviting me to come along to the private preview. * * *

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